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We are united by our understanding that it is not possible to go back to the past – so we have to create our future. We believe that in today’s turbulent world only those will survive who can anticipate the future and are ready to act energetically and consistently. We are convinced that development must originate from the integration of diversity, rather than from conflict and opposition. The challenges we face are so sophisticated that we can get the answers only through an open dialogue. We are thinking about what we believe to be dear and intimate – about Armenia and Armenians. The 21st century can be ours!

Ruben Vardanyan Ruben Vardanyan

Co-author, Discussion Paper “At the Crossroads”, Co-Founder, Aurora Forum, Entrepreneur, Impact Investor; Venture Philanthropist

Nune Alekyan Nune Alekyan

Co-author of the discussion paper “At the Crossroads”

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